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Operational Resilience

Recent global turbulence has shown that many companies are operationally vulnerable. This is a key focus for global regulators so firms are required to ensure they have effective programmes in place to ensure resilience at all times. Such requirements are highly complex and resource intensive.

Why Novatus:

We are market leaders in this field. Our specialists have worked with many clients across all industry sectors and contributed to industry bodies to ensure we have the most holistic market view possible when it comes to operational resilience.

We know how firms can benefit from getting this right. We deploy teams that contain both regulatory experts and industry veterans who will provide practical guidance to any programme. We have demonstrable experience of the tangible benefits that can be realised by firms if they partner with the right advisor.

Recent examples of work:

Global Insurer: Our team guided the client through all the necessary implementation requirements and internal policy changes ahead of the initial March 2022 deadline.

Asset Manager: We worked with the client to assess and identify the needed frameworks to achieve Operational Resilience.

Retail Payments Platform: The Novatus team provided SME input to all the stages of the Operational Resilience Programme. Guiding the client through ensured outcomes that were compliant and proportional to the business and its peers.

Proud to advise

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