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Regulatory Disclosure

The importance of regulatory disclosures across all financial services sectors (e.g., ICARAs, ORSAs and GSSAs) cannot be understated. These are the primary mechanisms that give regulators detailed insights into your business operations, risk management practices and capital requirements. Failure to meet the required standards will result in regulatory investigation and potential sanctions.

Why Novatus:

You will be working with a team of experts who have considerable practical industry and regulatory experience of designing and developing all regulatory disclosures. Our work ensures that the ever-increasing expectations of the global regulators are met. You can trust us to ensure all your disclosures are timely, accurate and proportionate to your business.

We have unique relationships with global regulators, working with them on countless occasions means that we know what ‘good’ looks like. And, thanks to our work across the financial services industry, we can ensure your disclosures are in line with your peers.

Recent examples of work:

Leading Insurer: Novatus created the regulatory required ORSA, GSSA / CISSA, this required coordinating with key stakeholders and the regulators. Feedback from the regulator was implemented to result in a positive outcome.

Asset Manager: Our experts created all the disclosures both for the website (public) and FCA regulatory filings, ensuring the firm was fully compliant with its disclosures.

FinTech Client: We worked with the client to ensure capital calculations were appropriate and in line with expectations, and calculated and oversaw ICARA data filings.

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